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For decades the TECOtherm® brand has been established in the field of neonatal temperature management. TECOtherm® devices are already being used successfully in the third generation worldwide for neonatal hyper- / hypothermia treatment.

Tec Com Medizintechnik GmbH is continuing this success story and has expanded the well-known product family with high-quality products.

The development and troubleshooting of premature and newborn babies is very important to us. That is why we are constantly researching and developing solutions to ensure that even the youngest have a good start in life.


Soft positioning aid for premature babies and infants.


Soft positioning aid for premature babies and infants.

TECOtherm® ineo

Hyper / hypothermia system for neonatal intensive medical use.

TECOtherm® Wrabbit

Cuddly protection against postnatal heat and moisture loss in premature babies and newborns.

TECOtherm® TCmatt NEO

The TECOtherm® mattress TCmatt NEO is used for full body temperature control of patients, principally newborns and infants with the TECOtherm® NEO


Transilluminator for locating blood vessels in the limbs of premature babies, infants and young children.