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About us

Tec Com Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in February 2019 as a medical technology company with a focus on the development and production of medical products in the field of neonatology as well as heat and cold therapy. The aim is to combine the development and production of high-quality medical products at one location in order to be able to respond flexibly to market requirements and customer requests.

When the company was founded, we were able to take over the development and QM team of one of the market leaders in the area of neonatal hyper- / hypothermia, and therefore secured the know-how in this area. In the first few years, the company was expanded to include high-quality production lines in the field of processing medical foils such as HF welding technology. The company tripled in size.

The portfolio of medical products will be steadily increased over the coming years, and the company location will be steadily expanded between the cities of Halle and Leipzig in the middle of Germany.

The main focus of our work is the niche market, neonatology, and obstetrics. Even for the small target group of our little ones, all required high-quality medical products should be available regardless of the market volume. Based on this market, we strive to expand and establish the range of our products by adapting innovative product ideas in other areas of therapeutic and medical care.

The little ones are our motivation, as we want to shape the future with them together.

We donated!

In a crisis like this, we see our responsibility not only with the little ones, but also with their parents!

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