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TECOtherm® TCmatt NEO

The TECOtherm® TCmatt NEO mattress is used for full body temperature control of patients, principally newborns and infants with the TECOtherm® NEO. In order to improve the temperature control of the patient, the mattress can be wrapped around the body if necessary and closed with securing straps on the eyelets.

Depending on the variant (disposable or reusable), the mattress has a smooth surface that is easy to clean or a soft fleece coating.

The TECOtherm® TCmatt NEO are the only disposable and reusable mattresses approved by the manufacturer for use with the TECOtherm® NEO.

When purchasing, please pay attention to Tec Com Medizintechnik GmbH in the manufacturer's information so as not to acquire a product copy.

Product Specifications

ApplicationDepending on the variant, disposable or reusable product
ClassificationClass 1 medical product
Surface materialpolyurethane