The jellow serves as a soft positioning aid for premature babies and infants.

Prevent skin lesions and pressure sores

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Certified biocompatible materials
  • Free of latex, DEHP, BPA
  • Can be used in the incubator
  • Disposable protective cover made of nonwoven material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy disposal
jellypad size s
jellypad size m
jellypad size l

Product Specifications

Applicationsingle-use product (Single Patient Multi Use)
ClassificationClass 1 medical product
Storage period6 months
Application periodup to 1 month
Surface materialmulti-layer polyurethane film
Gel fillingwater-based gel (SonogelĀ®)
Patient weightsize S from 0.5kg Size M from 2.5kg Size L from 10kg

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